The Project Objectives

  • to increase the satisfaction of IT users in in Kozloduy NPP  from the quality of the IT support
  • to reduce the human and financial costs for IT support.

Our Solution

ICB’s role in the project was to analyse the current procedures for IT support in NPP Kozloduy, to optimize the processes and to plan and support the implementing of best practices in IT service management from ITIL. The industry leading software for business process analysis ARIS was used for modelling of the business processes.

The project went through the following phases

1. Interviews with the employees from the IT department and modelling of the current state of the business processes. Examination of the satisfaction of the users in the organization related to fixing software/hardware problems.
2. Preparation of GAP analyses between the current state of the business processes related to incident and problem management and the best practices in the area from ITIL.
3. Modelling of the future state of the business processes for incident and problem management based on the best practices.
4. Definition of requirements for functional changes of the information system which will support the new processes. Generation of procedures and job descriptions in the IT department.
5. Training the employees from the IT department on the new way of work. Simulation of real work situations using the new business process models.

The Benefits

  • Implemented best practices for IT service management from ITIL based on exhaustive analysis of the current practices in the IT department.
  • Defined reports and KPIs in the configuration management system for performance evaluation;
  • Automatic generation of the required functionalities of the software system based on the developed business process models;
  • Job descriptions and work procedures for the IT department are automatically generated from ARIS;

Client Profile

ICB Implementation of Best Practices from ITIL

Kozloduy NPP plc (Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant) is the only nuclear power plant in Bulgaria and the main electricity generating plant providing more than one third of the total annual electricity output of the country. NPP Kozloduy is the 7th biggest employer in Bulgaria and belongs to the top 15 companies in the country in terms of sales for 2009.