ICB and Arteka are partnering in the area of development and implementation in Advanced Drone Systems Implementation. Artéka, being a creator of multispectral imagery and artificial intelligence solutions is now working with ICB to deploy critical software functionality in new projects. The companies are partnering in France, as a main market for Arteka, but also will be targeting implementation across Europe. The two companies are focused especially in defense-related drone projects.
The partnership is especially focused in advanced drone systems for recognizing people, machinery and environment. ICB has great expertise in the visual inspection area, applying machine learning for visual inspection in manufacturing, surgery (with Mixed Reality and endoscopic surgeries) and forest fire prevention.

About Arteka
Artéka, creator of multispectral imagery and artificial intelligence solutions. Their expertise and innovation in imagery has brought innovative multispectral imaging technologies into multiple large entities like Suez, Metropole, Amiens & Metropole, Ville d’Arras etc. Arteka have developed a unique patented solution – The Portable Anomaly Detector (DAP).
Arteka has the following main brands:

  • ARKEOTEKA – precision multispectral analysis for Heritage and Archeology
  • FLYTEKA – precision multispectral analysis for planning and the environment
  • ARTEKA.ai – Artificial Intelligence, Optronics and Robotics