Industry 4.0



What is Industry 4.0? In short, it is the inclusion of active data channels and/or smart edge devices in the manufacturing process, with the aim to boost industry efficiency. The aim is to achieve 24/7 production with minimized downtime through predictive maintenance, workflow optimization and smart utilization of a blend of human operators and artificial intelligence. Industry 4.0, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),) is a way to digital transformation in manufacturing. IIoT employs a network of sensors to collect critical production data and uses cloud software to turn this data into valuable insights about the efficiency of the manufacturing operations.



Today’s manufacturers, especially small and medium-size businesses, want to access the insights of an IoT solution without a complex, costly and opaque system. One of the main challenges of an IoT implementation lies in integrating their shop floor with the myriad of different vendors’ hardware and software products.

Your worries end here. We have mastered these problems to perfection. The ICB IoT enabled real-time machine status monitoring platform simplifies custom integrations, and easy the communication with the machines so to speak their language knowing exactly what they are complaining or need off in order to improve processing efficiency. Industry4SME provides data about how machines are working and how efficient the processes are. It also provides insights into trends about energy usage of machines or periods when components need servicing or replacing.