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UpKip is an Industry 4.0 solution that is affordable, accessible and relatively easy to integrate and tailored to the business needs which was developed to enable even smaller businesses to become Factories of the Future. The main objective of the target product UpKip is to offer an affordable pay-as-you-go Industry 4.0 solution in the cloud, tailored to the production processes of small to medium enterprises.

The platform drives digital transformation of the production in the direction of smart maintenance, digital supply chain, and new data-driven business models.

Following the key Industry 4.0 design principles, UpKip as an innovative product, aims to inter-connect business-level software systems (such as ERP, PLM, CRM) with operational data from the field, thus allowing observed manufacturing operations to be compared against planned.

In contribution for the third Industry 4.0 pillar, the system supports human operators in their day-to-day decision-making tasks.

Finally, yet importantly, innovative machine learning algorithms for predictive and preventive maintenance analyze data to identify hidden insights and propose preventive actions before machine failures take place. This way the overall efficiency, capacity and quality of the production line is improved by driving higher customer satisfaction and empowering new markets development.


While utopian imaginations describe Industry 4.0 as fully automated production plants ran entirely by self-repairing robots (and that well may be the case 10 or 20 years down the line) the reality is that we are still a long way off from the realization of that particular dream. What we can do currently, however, is the achievement of near constant uptime, the lowering of production costs (especially for SMBs located in Western Europe, the US, Canada or Japan) and the lowering of maintenance costs for machines due to predictive maintenance and real time metering of machine resources. Industrial IoT will help business return their manufacturing onshore and better control and simulate the entire process.

To achieve this maufacturers can also take advantage of the Digital Twin concept – taking data from sensors and applying it to 3D models, creating a data driven, real time model of the physical entity or process. This Digital Twin can serve to both represent the current physical product, determine how its lifecycle progresses and how users take advantage of it, answer “what if” questions wtih a much higher level of accuracy and more.



The big players are already developing solutions, either on their own or via strategic partnerships. This leaves the small and medium business out of the loop, where they are forced to adapt via sub optimal means, such as reducing labour costs or exporting their business to cheaper countries or risk to be forced off the market.



As we have more than 130 man-years of experience in doing IoT projects:

We have been doing IoT before the term was even coined and we have practical, hands-on experience in crafting platforms and custom solutions for various companies in Europe and the USA. We are one of the few non-Norwegian companies to be approved by the Innovation Norway fund, especially focusing on IoT solutions for the manufacturing industry. We have mastered the way data is collected, stored and analyzed and we have covered the entire product lifecycle – from the supply chain, through manufacturing process and all the way to the end user. This data is ultimately analyzed by humans and artificial intelligence to achieve predictive insights, which ultimately result in superior decisions and a better performance and improved efficiency for the manufacturer, as well as an improved user experience and reliability for the customer.

  • Business Process Optimization
  • System Integration
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Workflow Automation
  • Predictive, Preventive maintenance and analytics
  • Mixed Reality

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