We are excited to share that ICB was the host of the official launch of the Norwegian – Bulgarian Chamber in Norway (NBCC). The purpose of NBCCC is to create and explore business opportunities between Norway and Bulgaria in the frame of the new economic situation.

The event took place on 27th May at the presentation center of ICB building under the patronage of the Royal Norwegian Embassy to Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova and the Bulgarian Embassy to Norway in cooperation with InvestBulgaria Agency.

The hybrid meeting featured six keynote speakers who elaborated on topics such as growth after COVID crisis and business opportunities in Bulgaria.

Stoyan Boev, the founder and CEO of ICB was the moderator of the discussion panel dedicated to identifying new opportunities under crises.

The opening panel ended with the presentation “History and experience of a successful partnership” by Mr. Espen Wøien , Senior Vice President, Software Development at Kongsberg Digital. The talk set a positive example by sharing the successful cooperation between ICB and Kongsberg for more than 17 years. We are very proud to be one of the Bulgarian companies that have contributed greatly to the successful Norwegian – Bulgarian business relationships during the years.

Each one of the keynote speakers talked about the opportunities for successful cooperation between Norway and Bulgaria. The following topics were on the agenda of the event.

  • “Bulgaria as a top new nearshoring Destination” by Mr. Stamen Yanev, Executive Director InvestBulgaria Agency
  • “Contributing to win-win solutions under the new economic situation” by Anders Stølan, Chairman Norwegian-Bulgarian Chamber
  • “Growth and development in the shadow of COVID: macroeconomic challenges and opportunities for advanced and emerging economies” by Mr. Plamen Nenov BI Norwegian Business School, Associate Professor
  • “Why Bulgaria” by Mr. Thomas Kraft, Founder and CEO VGAN
  • “History and experience of a successful partnership” by Mr. EspenWøien, Senior Vice President, Software Development at Kongsberg Digital

After the individual presentations, the participants took part in two panel discussion “Identifying new opportunities under crises” and “Boosting the bilateral partnerships”. In the first panel the speakers elaborated on new potential areas for cooperation between Norway and Bulgaria, how do businesses change due to Covid and successful practices in the post-Covid time.

In the second panel Mr. MagnarØdelin, Director EEA and Norway Grants talked about the EEA and Norway Grants – the Norwegian perspective for a successful bilateral cooperation. And Mrs. Iliana Georgieva, Project Coordinator, Kaskada shared a success story about Green IrrigatioN Project.

The event ended with closing remarks, a Q&A session and a light cocktail for the physically present participants.