On Tuesday the 21st of September ICB took part in the “Sweden and Bulgaria collaborate on Digital Healthcare” webinar, organized by the Swedish Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. The ambassadors from both Sweden and Bulgaria delivered short messages to all the participants and representatives. Speakers from both Sweden and Bulgaria shared their experience and knowledge on the topic and discussed how both countries can collaborate to exchange and implement the best practices in Digital Health.

ICB presented its solution for Surgery Planning, Assistance and Compliance with holograms as well as ICB’s expertise in the Digital Health software development. The architect of the 3D holograph surgery assistance solution Nikolay Kolev presented its benefits and what the team has achieved so far.

“HoloMedical is a an app suite, focusing on surgery planning, assistance and compliance through 3D holograms, based on the Microsoft HoloLense 2 mixed reality glasses. The solution opens entirely new opportunities in anatomical assessment, and transfer of the preoperative plan in operation room. We create safety and trust through intraoperative holographic navigation and precise preoperative 3D planning. Helping surgeons and hospitals in Europe with planning, assistance and compliance.
Successful surgeries are based on surgeon’s information availability, planning & preparation. Having patient’s records and information in one place, available for ad-hoc, in-surgery navigation between models of bones, instruments and prosthetics is essentially non-existing today. Surgery planning is time consuming and costly with the available tools. ”

shared Nikolay

ICB is an active member of the Swedish Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and working very strongly to position Bulgaria as a long-term solid partner of Software Development to Swedish companies.