Project Objectives

  • Planned organizational restructuring and implementation of a purchased management information system
  • Assuring the correspondence between the purchased IS with the “to-be” processes and organizational structure
  • Improving the efficiency of the agency

Our Solution

  • Modeling of the “to-be” business processes in NRA
  • Training of the NRA process management staff in “Business process modeling and process-based design of information systems”
  • Analysis of the developed business processes and assessment of their compliance with the purchased management IS

Client Benefits

  • Ensured correspondence between the purchased IS and the “to-be” business processes
  • Minimized IS implementation risk due to the compliance
  • Clearly defined rights and responsibilities
  • Improved control of the value adding processes
  • Knowledge transfer to NRA employees so they can continue developing and maintaining the processes

Client Profile

ICB - Business Process Reengineering for National Revenue Agency

The National Revenue Agency (NRA)  in Bulgaria was created in 2006 to integrate the functions of the Tax Administration (TA) with the functions of collecting social security contributions by the National Social Security Institute (NSSI). The Agency incorporates the collection and administering of state taxes (income tax, patent taxes, VAT, corporate taxes) and obligatory social security contributions (health insurance contributions, pension insurance contributions, contributions for additional mandatory pension insurance, etc.). In 2008 NRA is the biggest state administration in Bulgaria, employing more than 8000 people.