ICB - Green Box - cloud based solution for recycling companies

We are proud to announce that our cloud-based platform for optimized logistics of recycling companies is listed in the business applications platforms Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Moreover, it is co-sell ready and we are working tightly with Microsoft to deliver it to the market.

The GreenBox solution is targeted at businesses that collect a variety of recyclable resources, vital to the circular economy. The platform is connected to a mobile application that assists drivers in completing their schedules. Essentially it is an ERP system for companies in the recycling business.

With GreenBox recycling companies can achieve:

  • Optimized route planning based on inbuilt algorithms
  • Best location choice optimization following analyses and prognosis on statistical information
  • Reduced employees time for manual work and planning routines
  • Improved bonus schema on the employees based on statistics
  • Better informed operational and management decisions
ICB - Green Box - The Cloud-Based Platform for Optimized Logistics of Recycling Companies
GreenBox Route Schedule Screen

GreenBox Benefits in logistic digital transformation:

  • Automatic schedules generation, based on historical data.
  • A clear view of all locations on the map
  • Real-time schedule progress tracking
  • Real-time driving information and location tracking
  • Drill down information for regions, locations, schedules, bins and trucks
  • Route optimization for the drivers based on bins fill up rating and advanced algorithms
  • Expected truckload vs actual truckload comparison
  • Horizontal and vertical reporting functions
  • Offline working mobile application
ICB - Green Box - digital transformation for recycling companies
GreenBox – Mobile application screenshots

GreenBox has received great feedback from our current clients. The solution brings immense value to one of the leaders in second-hand clothing retail – M Holding AD and Trasborg Denmark. You can read more on how M Holding AD (Mania) has been using it as their operations brain to help them automate more than 80% of their processes here.

Are you interested to learn more about GreenBox?

Contact us for a live demo and further information at sales@icb.bg