ICB is happy to share that one of our experts – Bilyana Nikolaeva was a speaker at the Ideation Connection – EIT Manufacturing CLC East.

The event took place on 14.12.2020 and it was organized by EIT Manufacturing – an Innovation Community within the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) that connects the leading manufacturing actors in Europe. The event brought together established experts in the field of Industry 4.0 to share their experience and expertise with potential partners, clients and new members.

Bilyana’s presentation named “Upkip – The Simple Affordable Way to Get Started with Industry 4.0”, elaborated on different topics such as what is Upkip, how does it increase the production and our identified synergies and profiles of partners and clients.

What does Upkip do?

Upkip is our propriety solution for a smart factory for SMEs.

  • A cloud-based IIoT platform aimed at increasing manufacturing productivity
  • A pay-as-you-go system that can be tailored to different production processes, and work as an affordable step into digital transformation and Industry 4.0
  • Helps with reducing costs (scrap, downtime reasons, maintenance, paperless productivity, automated reporting and data collection).
  • Provides a comparison and optimization of manufacturing processes based on geographical and historical information.
  • Helps you reach overall improvement of enterprise innovation capacity and productivity
  • Fast detection and reaction in case of failure

Often in manufacturing, managers want to increase their production but keeping the same amount of people and equipment. This is actually what Upkip does. Upkip allows one machine operator to monitor and work on multiple machines regardless of the brands.

Bilyana Nikolaeva, Business opportunities explorer, ICB

How does the Upkip platform help increase factory production?

  • Creates situational awareness and allows management to know where exactly the productivity stands and measure it in real-time
  • Identifies bottlenecks, improve productivity in terms of machine, men, time, efforts and multiple other factors
  • Identifies scrap before the order is launched
  • Achieves better asset utilization
  • Helps near-shore factories to provide production transparency and real-time reporting 

With Upkip you can see all you need to know – navigate through a visual digital twin of your facility and interact with your equipment to check the individual status. Bird-eye view and component visualization of machines and manufacturing areas, order deviation in values and time.

Bilyana Nikolaeva, Business opportunities explorer, ICB

Where do we find business opportunities?

Our clients are manufacturing SMEs, nearshore manufacturers and companies that need to constantly report on quality and other key KPIs to their customers.

We are interested in finding partners in CNC machine manufacturing and maintenance, Building management system (BMS) and sensor producing, ERP developing and maintaining.

Ping us if you are interested at metodi@upkip.cloud