In cooperation with Synkarion, Norway.

The Solution

PSV Vehicle a web based system that integrates information from 16 different software solutions and guides the user in a car registration process

Project Description

ICB designed and developed PSV Vehicle, a custom software solution that optimizes the car claims registration processes by following predefined business logics and successfully integrating information from various systems. PSV Vehicle delivers improved organization, execution and control over the full cycle of the accident registration and processing.

For managing correctly the information flows ICB applied Enterprise Architecture modeling in ARIS software. Based on business logics schemas the solution was developed to facilitate the operators work and to provide an easy-to-use web interface to data stored in various systems. PSV Vehicle connects not only to the internal systems but also gives useful directions from Google Maps, a Weather forecast site and the Police car registration records.

Customer Benefits

  • Availability of new business service at minimum TCO by complete usability of the existing software in the organization;
  • Improved customer service by delivery of adequate and up to date guidance and information;
  • Fraud prevention and detection by complete record of the customer communication within the process of accident registration;
  • Detailed analyses and reports for management purposes.

Client profile

Gjensidige is a Norwegian insurance company with approximately 170 branches and more than 1.5 million customers. Gjensidige has subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden and The Baltics.  The company offers finance and all kinds of insurance services and is divided into three main sectors: private, agriculture and business.