Be IT with ICB and the Number Pi

ICB Pi contest

On the occasion of the International Pi Day on 14 March 2013 ICB launched the contest “BE IT WITH ICB AND THE NUMBER PI”. The contest aims at showcasing original and artistic interpretations of the number Pi, as it lays no limitations but one – the general relevance of the proposal to the IT sphere.

The contest is open to applicants until 28 March 2014 and there will be three types of awards: a jury award, a Facebook award and an audience award for the attendees of the 2014 Azure Bootcamp Bulgaria event, to which ICB is a Gold sponsor.

In order to take part in the contest the applicant has to perform the following steps:
1. To click “Like” on the ICB’s Facebook page;
2. To join the ICB Pi Contest event page;
3. To share the event on his/her Facebook wall in order to generate interest among his/her Facebook friends;
4. To post his/her application on the event page;
5. To collect the biggest possible number of “Likes” by promoting his/her application.

There are no restrictions on the different forms of self-expression – you can take part with a code, (mobile application), Facebook application/game, a video, game, (logical) game, blog, a graph, an image, a design project, an IT pun or joke or poem…the freedom is yours! All you have to do is relate your application to the IT sphere in the broadest possible sense.