ICB is proud to announce that a member from our team – Niкolay Kolev is one of the few experts chosen to speak on the 16th conference Lindholmen Software Development Day 2020. The event offers cutting edge seminars with the top software developers from different industries. This year’s conference theme is Beyond 2033 – How will it change my life.

Nikolay Kolev is an experienced Solution Architect with a history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is interested in the latest technologies and trends in IT, cybersecurity, IoT and Machine Learning.

Speaker – Nikolay Kolev from ICB

Topic: Object Detection via Convolutional Neural Networks​.
The session will be revolving around the use of Machine Learning embedded into Microsoft HoloLens devices. Nikolay will share ICB’s technological journey in this field and how we bring meaningful innovation in sectors where digitalization happens at a slower pace.

We have identified that devices like Microsoft HoloLens do not come with solutions for object recognition and training to identify certain components of interest. The session will provide details how an old technological concept (YOLO neural network) can be used to fill the innovation gap in modern devices. Furthermore, Nikolay will describe other domains where the technology is applicable.

Rack Maintenance Assistant (RMA) – our creative solution.
He will also provide technical information about the innovative software application we created with HoloLens – Rack Maintenance Assistant (RMA).
RMA supports system engineers when performing server hardware related maintenance tasks by visually guiding them. It consists of a web portal hosted in Docker and a HoloLens app. The portal is used to create new devices, define different maintenance scenarios, and job executions.

How does RMA work?

The HoloLens app shows a list of maintenance jobs.
After a maintenance job is selected, the HoloLens finds the device in question via an object detection algorithm that uses a deep neural network.
Afterwards it guides step by step the system engineer via text, animation and arrows pointing to a specific location in the device.

The app differentiates by other similar HoloLens apps with that it is fully offline capable and does not need any network to do the object detection. When it is online it synchronizes with the web portal.

Lindholmen Software Development Day 2020 Registration:
The event will take place on 8 October and will be held digitally in compliance with the COVID-19 precautions. You can listen to Nikolay Kolev’s session Object Detection via Convolutional Neural Networks at 11.40 a.m.

In order to register for the event, you need to visit the registration page, choose Technical Track and fill in your details. The conference is free of charge.

Registration Page: https://softwareday.lindholmen.se/en/node/82479