In March 2014 ICB, together with Kongsberg Terotech (KTT) and the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology (NTNU) at Trondheim, started work on a new Centralized Condition-Based Maintenance and Manufacturing Support System Project, funded by the Green Industry Innovation programme of Innovation Norway. The project sets as its primary objective the development of innovative tool which to support the greening of manufacturing enterprises production processes by optimizing their maintenance activities. As intended result, the enterprises are expected to reduce their energy, oil and fluid consumption. Upon project completion, the system will be available both for onsite implementation (On Premises) and in a cloud-supported version (SaaS).

The project addresses the challenge to boost the competitiveness of European manufacturing enterprises while guaranteeing their environmental friendliness. This calls for the creation of a mechanism which to address both enterprise efficiency and their environmental sustainability. One of the best ways to address the issue is by creating a software system which to support both cost-effective production processes and European environmental regulations.

The project will be implemented by the value-added partnership among ICB, KTT and NTNU. The unique combination of three areas of expertise, i.e. software development (ICB), maintenance services to large enterprises (KTT), and scientific expertise (NTNU), will lead to highly specific project outputs. Thus, manufacturing enterprises will not only be empowered with new software capabilities but will also benefit from the specialized know-how of the project partners.