Project Objectives:

  • Make the strategy known to the employees and
    motivate them to accomplish their objectives;
  • Determine the degree of accomplishment of the
    company strategy;
  • Determine which business streams have the highest
    priority in supporting the strategy.

Our Solution

  • Structured description of the strategy of Prista Oil in
    the form of an objective tree;
  • Development of strategic maps with objectives,
    performance indicators and initiatives for each manager.
    Determining the priority of the planned projects according
    to their contribution to the strategy;
  • Definition of requirements for adjusting the ERP system
    to produce data for calculating the key performance

Client Benefits

  • Clarification and formalization of the strategy
    Real measurement of the extent of achievement of the strategic objectives;
  • More efficient use of resources (budget) for supporting
    the strategy;
  • Personal responsibility of management, aligned with
    the respective rights and incentive system.

Client Profile

ICB - Implementation of Scorecard Strategic Management System in Prista Oil

Prista Oil is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of lubricating oils in Bulgaria with a market share of approximately 60 percent.
Prista Oil is a Bulgarian company which produces over 150
types of motor and industrial oils. The company is part of
the holding Prista Oil Group, which is the 8th biggest holding
in Bulgaria.