Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Professional Customer Relationship Management for Banks and Financial Organizations


MS Dynamics CRM  offers one of the best available on the market CRM platforms that is rich in sales and marketing automation tools and functionalities and is also easily adaptable to the business-specific customer needs.
MS Dynamic CRM is a powerful solution that is:

  • Familiar—software that empowers people through natural, productive, and insightful experiences.
  • Intelligent—real-time analytics and streamlined business processes that enable informed decisions and operational efficiencies
  • Connected—connections across people, processes, and ecosystems that allow businesses to maximize the value of relationships and systems

MS Dynamics CRM 2011 provides full automation of sales, marketing and customer service processes which results in better opportunity management, higher customer retention and improved customer satisfaction.

Marketing: Maximize Marketing Spend
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides your marketing professionals with flexible segmentation tools, simplified campaign management capabilities, intuitive response tracking, and powerful analytics to improve your marketing effectiveness.

Sales: Win More Deals
Spend more time on selling and less time on administrative tasks with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Take advantage of full lead to cash visibility, lead and opportunity tracking, streamlined approvals, and real-time sales forecasts to drive increased sales output and higher close rates.

Customer Service: Delight Customers
Provide compelling customer service experiences that build customer loyalty with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

VeriTouch - CRM Solution for Banks and Financial Organizations based on MS Dynamics CRM

Traditional Banking

Customer Centric Banking

Core banking 360 customer view
Banking process Customer process
Reactive approach Proactive approach
Consumer support Individual support
Internal focus External focus
Promotional Cross/Up selling
Hierarchical Procedural

Focus on product and transactions

Focus is on the Product

Focus on partnerships and customer

Focus is on the Customer

VeriTouch is a solution developed by Veripark that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform and delivers additional value for the financial institutions. It provides customer interaction history, 360 degree customer view, activity management, complaint management, campaign management, call center automation, customer centric branch screens and management of all activities related to customers from different communication channels (internet, kiosk, mobile, branch, etc.).

360 Degree Customer View

VeriTouch provides a 360 degree customer profile that allows agents and relationship managers to capture client information at every contact point, helping them build strategic customer knowledge and insight over time.
With 360 degree customer view all customer demographics, assets, liabilities, product usage, open cases and complaints are collected on a single page.  With customer interaction history module, all customer interaction history such as Internet banking usage, branch visits, e-mail sent and received, and SMS messages is replicated to MS CRM.