ICB Holographs - Mixed Reality Solution for Machine Operators

ICB HoloGraphs – mixed reality solution for machine operators

In the end of 2016 ICB started developing software for Microsoft HoloLens.  HoloLens is a Windows 10 computer in a headset with cameras and a holographic display. HoloLens enables its user to see and interact with digital objects in the real world. The hardware features 3D sound, Wi-Fi, a Kinect-like camera with a 120-degree spatial sensing system, a fleet of gyroscopes and accelerometers and a transparent screen for each eye—all combined in a wearable system.

ICB - Mixed Reality Solution with HoloLens

ICB have developed ICB HoloGraphs – a prototype application running on Microsoft HoloLens for industrial use cases – repair support for machine operators. The application enables its user to see two digital objects:

  1. An Oil Water Separator (OWS); a machine that separates oil and water into separate components on a ship.
  2. A wind turbine propeller blade and its attached generator, used for generating electricity from wind.

Our client using gestures or voice, can (a) assemble or disassemble each of these two objects, (b) see live data from the cloud about the real objects they represent, and (c) look into these objects’ maintenance logs and operation history.

HoloGraphs can be used for educational purposes in vessels, where through video streaming the engineer can directly show what is viewing at the moment to the HQ, via Skype.