Business Process Modeling and Management

Project Objectives

  • Finding an unambiguous and easy to understand formal
    way for business process description;
  • Maintaining the actuality of the documents used in the
    power plant and facilitating their distribution;
  • Ensuring the compliance with different standards.

Our Solution

  • Modeling of the “as-is” business processes;
  • All models are stored in a common database, which
    eliminates any ambiguities in the data;
  • Automated generation of documents
    Publishing of all models in an internal portal;
  • Description of the compliance to regulations, laws and
    standards in the form of different views;
  • Maintaining the models in several languages.

Customer Benefits

  • Clear, actual and accessible work instructions for the
  • Convenient way of presenting the work in case of
    Bulgarian and international audits;
  • Effective maintenance of work instructions and
    procedures up-to-date.