Green Box – Automating SMB Logistics Processes in Azure

>>More than 90% process automation achieved

In 2014 Mania Team has faced the challenge to automate the logistics process for goods collection, goods handling and warehouse operations in a more efficient way in order to save employees time and to reduce operational costs. One of the biggest issues in Mania team was that the routes planning and goods collection was done entirely manually by dispatchers. Decision on best collection point to visit and best route to take was taken based on manual analyses and was not following computerized rules.

ICB being a Microsoft Gold partner, Microsoft Partner of the Year for Bulgaria for 2013 and Innovation Hub for Bulgaria for 2013 was recognized as a reliable and trustful solution provider to solve this issue. ICB came with a unique proposal for an Azure-based solution that was automating the decision-making process on a very reasonable cost. The Green Box software consisted of web route scheduling module and a mobile application for the needs of the collection teams.

The application was developed for 4 month only utilizing the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Azure computing services
  • ASP .NET application development
  • HTML5 and mobile development
  • Special tags to geo location technologies
  • Near field communication (NFC)
  • Angular JS

The Green Box application itself covered the following logistics functionality:

  • Goods collection routes planning;
  • Best time and location pick up proposal based on historical information and analyses;
  • Collection tracking and reporting via NFC technology and GPS integration;
  • Maintenance tasks proposal and execution on the collection locations;
  • Extended financial and management reporting.

Thanks to the ICB professional development and the Azure technology stack Mania Team was able immediately to realize great saving on operational time and cost due to:

  • Optimized route planning based on inbuilt algorithms
  • Best location choice optimization following analyses and prognosis on statistical information
  • Reduced employees time for manual work and planning routines
  • Improved bonus schema on the employees based on statistics
  • Better informed operational and management decisions