Consulting for New ERP System Selection

The Challenge

The company needed to implement a new ERP system to improve efficiency and control of main business processes. Geotechmin’s experience in complex construction projects shows that in order to manage risk and guarantee success of ERP implementation, good planning, clear and detailed requirements to the information systems are needed.

Our Solution

  • Definition of the scope of the new information system and analysis of the actual state of performed tasks;
  • Process optimization through identification of conflict places, repeated and ineffective processes as well as analysis of good practices;
  • Extraction of functional requirements from the described detailed models of business processes.

The Benefits

  • The scope of the new ERP system was pecisely defined. ICB supported the choice of the new ERP system in order to correspond to the specific needs of Geotechmin.
  • The risk of exceeding budget line is minimized thanks to the determined full scope of the project.