Process Optimization and Automatic Generation of ERP Requirements


  • To optimize Sofiyska Voda business processes;
  • To ensure the new system will support the optimized business processes of Sofiyska Voda;
  • To avoid the risks of exceeding the budget and discovering many functions “out of scope” after the contract is sealed;
  • To achieve effective control of the implementation process.

Our Solution

  • Define the scope of the new IS and the risks associated with its implementation;
  • Analyze and improve the business processes prior to the implementation;
  • Define the functional requirements for the IS from the process models in ARIS Business Architect.

The Benefits

  • Business process steps reduced on average by 43%;
  • Data duplication was eliminated;
  • Complete scope of the new system allowing best fit selection;
  • Effective implementation control based on clear and complete functional requirements.